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About Proton Planets:

Hand-Drawn and Unique

Every Proton Planet NFT is carefully hand-drawn and unique. We aim to give every Proton Planet as much originality as possible through the use of storylines and artwork!

Only on Proton

Proton has an endless amount features which benefits both buyers and sellers. From Instant transactions, 0% gas fees and a fantastic community just to name a few, why wouldn't we want to build on Proton!

Exclusive Owner Benefits

A Proton Planet isn't just digital art or a PFP, its a digital access card to a variety of exclusive holder benefits. Find out more below!
Owner Benefits
Total Proton Planets

Selling Proton Planets 

                               50% XUSDC

   50% XPR (PROTON)

Proton Planets wants to not only support the growth of Proton but give as much flexibility to current Web Auth / proton wallet users as possible. We also think it’s important to allow accessibility for new users who are joining proton.

this is why we intent to sell our nft’s in both xpr and xusdc. WE PLAN TO MAKE AND RELEASE A XPR AND A XUSDC VERSION OF EACH NFT MEANING BOTH WILL BE UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT whilst offering flexiblity, accessiblity and support to the growth of proton.

The Story:

The daunting bells of the universe ring, igniting the burning engines of stars that had once became dark. Space lights up with an immaculate glow before rocks and planets crash, forming new life. But as this new life flourishes with all types of brilliance, a dark force swallows everything in sight. This is Edax, The Planet Destroyer: a devourer of worlds and corrupter of galaxies. Nothing stands in its way. All Planets must come together to stop this calamity, but as reality itself cracks under the pressure of this monster, all could be consumed.

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